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Fortune Cookie Question...

Here's a fortune cookie fortune I picked up a while ago:
What great things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail.
It hit me then, when I read it, that there was a lot of stuff I might attempt, if I knew it would be impossible for me to fail.

In lieu of making yet-another-post today, here's an edit/append:
current weather is reported to be "feels like -3ºF" to "feels like 0ºF" a bit later tonight.

I'd like to ask the Powers That Be why there isn't snow. If it's going to be so damned cold that my legs go numb after a minute of biking outside, at least make it pretty outside.

That being said, I really, really want to cast a snow spell. The under-32ºF weather will last until tomorrow/saturday nightish, and while dragging in precipitation that's supposed to be five days away is supposed to be nigh impossible, there's always a possibility~ 10% on friday. Hurgh. It'd be more beneficial for me to think about doing things to counter global warming, wouldn't it, instead of selfish wishes.

(I love how the 10-day forecast says: under-32ºF, then showers + 40ºF weather, then back under 32ºF.)
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