Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Inu Yasha

Itazurana Kiss by Day After Tomorrow // Inu Yasha third? Ending Song

Itazurana KISS shite Nanikuwanu kao suru // I give you a mischievous kiss and then make an innocent face
Ijiwaruna watashi wa kodomojimiteiru? // Can someone as ill-tempered as me be childish?
Namaikidatte iwareru koto niwa nareta kedo // I've gotten used to saying brazen things...
"suki" no kotoba dake ienainda My Sweet Emotion // but I still can't say "I love you." My Sweet Emotion.
Sumairu bacchiri kagami no mae saishuu chekku shite // I just checked my smile one last time in the mirror
shigeki o motomete tobidashitara munehatte arukou // So if we rush ahead looking for excitement, we can hold our heads up high.
Odoroku hodo daitan waraeru kurai ni // I can laugh so boldly it's shocking...

Wow, bored. Well, I mean, just not wanting to do things. Need to call my new guidance counselor to "complete my schedule" -.- stupid idiots.

Jackie Chan movies (and others) gotten from here:

Wonder if I should waste more time looking for that song...

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