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Done with exams! Wheee~! And a free iPod (3rd Gen)

Now to pack, clean the apartment, run some last minute errands...

CLCV115 should be a B-. I think, based only on the number of multiple choice problems I was absolutely sure on... which was approximately 62/110. Not a very good number, but this was "absolutely sure". The rest... we'll have to see how lucky I am. Most problems I had eliminated at least one answer, so 1/3 chance... If I'm very unlucky and get everything wrong, I'll have a C+. 30% right... borderline B/B-. Joy. Will need a 87.5% guessing accuracy in order to get a B+. Heh, that ain't happening.


And a wonderful person on the macwarriors mailing list had a broken 3rd gen iPod - like the one I had. But apparently the hard drive was busted, so he said he would give it away to anyone who wanted it. So I have an iPod now! ::much glee:: Came with a dock too~!

Now to see how badly the hard drive is messed up.... if at all? ::knocks on wood::

[edit] Huh, hard drive doesn't look messed up. It's not taking the firmware update though... o.O I hope it's not a bad flash memory issue like mine eventually turned out to be.......

[append #2] Ok, silly me - iPod needs to be rebooted to actually "install" the update. Doh~ Update installed. Looks like I can put music onto it. (I think) I ran a surface scan using the iPod tools (back+forward+select at boot, then HDD Check). It said things were good. All other diagnostics said things were good too.
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