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Hmmm... 33 pages of junk...

Took a long questionnaire on all sorts of relationship things and got 33 pages analyzing me.

For the curious, the PDF is here:
(For my own personal reference, the name of the file should be TRUE | TrueCompatibility Results.pdf, stored somewhere on my computer . . . )

I can't offer a link to the quiz, I'm afraid. I'm pretty sure it's for members only, and there's stupid signing up things (like credit cards numbers being a requirement.... although it seemed like you only need a number that validates as "valid" - that is, the checksum must work. I don't remember what it is, but I'm pretty sure I "mistyped" my american express card number, and after several tries, got the system to accept the card number. I'm assuming it won't be able to go through the system (since my real name is attached to the false number...) and end up taking money from some other person... although either way, I'll cancel before the end of the free trial period.)

(signed up for in order to get a free iPod shuffle from They're run by Gratis, the same group that did the original free iPod sites that got news coverage as the-real-deal. The difference between those and, is that with this one, you don't have to find friends. So I've spent about... $11, assuming I haven't been charged anything else by the shady-looking Today Escapes+ offer ($1). $10 went to a month trial of Blockbuster online (3-at-a-time rentals! Plus a coupon for a free game or DVD rental instore! Plus each rental can be returned in-store for another free in-store rental. So that's actually 6 total rentals at a time... kinda. I should be getting a total of 36-42 DVDs in the span of a month, if I do things right... That'd be about 25¢ per movie rental. :D)

Leaving for Taiwan friday. Will be in charge of taking care of the little sister and keeping her from getting lost. Yay... Return planned for the 28th. Will probably only have sporadic internet access there. Need to remember to load all the perl modules I might need and bring the perl eBooks have have... Time to get Highbrow up. XD
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