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Gaaaah. Stupid root directory...

Where the heck is the stupid root directory? I'm looking at a crontab entry for root that I installed, and it refers to ~/rsync_backup/

But I can't find rsync_backup. Or Mind, I'm using EasyFind, since I consider Spotlight to be an idiotic system.

I'm pretty sure I've looked in all the normal folders where it might be hiding: /private, /usr...

Huh, ok. And EasyFind just looked through every single volume, including invisible files and folders (a total of 1,748,578) and it couldn't find "". WTF.

I've tried modifying the crontab to run the script, which it does. And it's running. And will continue to run for about an hour. And I can see it running, but it's listed as ~/rsync_backup/ Grrrr....

It's there. Right THERE. =.=;;; how did I miss it?
/private/var/root, right where you'd expect the damn thing. And easyfind and other things couldn't find it 'cause they weren't properly running as root, so they didn't have read access. God damn. 2 hours. ::veryverystupid::
Tags: macos x server

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