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Hmmm, there's something I could belive in~

...I know a number of you want magic to solve everything because you think this is some kind of fairy tale. If that's what you want then I'm sorry, but this is not the comic for you. The princess is not going to run off with the hero, completely neglecting her responsibilities. The hero does not always win. And the magical beings are not all powerful and indestructible. Magic in the "Hunter" world does not come from pixies or fey or unicorns... it comes from the mortals themselves. It's the inner strength of the individual that generates magic. It's the drive to excel, to create, to push onward no matter what. To play hard, live well, and love strong. To survive. That generates a hell of a lot of oomph. Most of which is recycled back into the land. (And before anyone tries to whine no, the Seal didn't really "seal" anything. It just rerouted the generated magic back into the earth.) Each and every creature in the "Hunter" world is generating magic. Some more than others. And a few are able to tap into this flow. ...
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