Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


lost most of the morning to getting my backup pair of glasses re-lensed. America's Best (the eyeglasses store) sucks. Well, at least the one here in Rockville does... but we have a club membership there, so we still went there first to get my sister's contacts. Then, after finding out the price to get my glasses re-lensed (need a better word -.- ) was 86 some dollars, we wanders off to cosco, where I had originally gotten the pair of glasses. Which was a very good thing, cosco's price being 40 some dollars... yay.

Then we stayed and bought stuff. Food, mostly, and (randomly) underwear. o.O for me, apparently. I have underwear! Sure, there's some with small holes in them, but that's because our washing machine is stupid. But it's still very wearable.... And I really don't see why I need more... o.O um, yeah, will stop know, I know no one cares XD. Food was good, got more ummm.. yummy japanese thingie that I don't know the name to except in chinese... mwa ge bing qe ling (last three being "ice cream")

I got a little yellow ducky thingie that blows bubbles from my sister yesterday. Weird.

And I can intentionally trip myself. Interesting. Will show people someday, although not for a while. It still kinda hurts and being intentionally ungraceful is not easy. Not like there's any reason to be intentionally ungraceful, but.. umm.. yeah.

Have revised EE almost twice now, it's getting better and better each time. After I finish adding the new changes I'll send it off to Mrs. Bridgett. Well, no, actually, it might happen tomorrow, I need to add footnotes or whatnot too... Which I don't know how to use yet. Need to hunt down nice documentations that we were given... or at least I think we were given stuff... @.@;;;

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