Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Sweet. Classes canceled.

Time to sleep a bit more and catch up on schoolwork.

Yes, school closed on account of 6-8+ inches of snow overnight, with an estimated foot more to come.


Seems maryland schools were silly and let school open anyways. And then announced an early closing.

On a side note:
Dear Chancellor Richard Herman,
Please send out the massmail regarding class cancelations prior to 8 AM. Some of us actually do have, and do attend, our early morning classes, and would have found it more than helpful to have been notified more than 5 minutes before 9 that classes were canceled.


(Yes, I trudged through the snow to the nearest intersection to wait for the bus. And stood there for a good five minutes before being informed by a passing car that classes were canceled. Doh.)
Tags: school, snow

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