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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Woohoo~ no classes tomorrow either
No classes tomorrow either. Sweet.

At this rate, I think I could get caught up with the work I've put off.

Photoshopping stuff with two monitors = nice. Nothing like more room to work.
I don't think this is optimal though - my current setup is as follows:
-LCD monitor on the right, laptop on the left.
-Photoshop running in fullscreen mode on the LCD monitor. Most of the palettes are on the laptop - taken up mostly by the navigator on the left half of the screen, and then the history and layers on the right.
-The wacom tablet is configured to map all pen input to the LCD monitor only. Mouse input covers both screens. But that means to move the viewing area, or to switch between layers, I need to switch either to the touchpad, or to the mouse. Not really a pain in the ass, but still, slightly slow. I need to figure out how to navigate using the keyboard.

There's a lack of a dock on the laptop. That annoys me a bit, since all of my other applications are "running" on the laptop screen, and things like Adium and Mail are set to expect a dock - so there's an semi-ugly blank space on the right (dock = right edge, starting at the top). Is there any way to duplicate both the dock and the menu bar?

My art is still ugly. :: sighs::

-Finish the valentines "art" thing
-Rewrite the homework that was due tonight, but was delayed due to cancelation of classes
-Do the homework that was supposed to be due tomorrow
-Do the homework that's due thursday.
-Study for thursday quiz.
-Do all the readings I haven't already done.
-Get some coding done.

And yes, the weather is kinda nasty out there - I think there's very, very large piles of snow out there now, and the wind is blowing pretty hard (20+ mph tonight, 10+ mph tomorrow). (We do have a blizzard warning.) Looking at the map though, it looks like the snowstorm's nearly over... at least, it supposed to taper off around midnight.

Looks like Maryland's getting freezing rain..

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shanrina From: shanrina Date: February 14th, 2007 01:45 am (UTC) (Link)
Luckyyyyyyy. (Actually I can't complain because it's been warmer the past couple days than it's been and I'm not a huge fan of walking in snow.) Have a good day off, though.
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