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Mmm, I was productive. And the Chinese New Year show

Read and understood 2/3 of the stuff in the textbook that the thursday 440 midterm will be covering. Took me about 4 hours, but yay for nice periods of concentration.

Still takes way too much effort to step into that mode though. XP

And yay, have snagged the Chinese New Year 2007 show-thing. Whee. Still way too visually noisy, like every year (Too many strobing lights, DDR-like backgrounds, colors, etc.). But that's just me. And it's in the culture. We do like our festivals to be absurdly extravagant.

For the curious, the torrent can be found here: (it's on the page. I promise. Scroll to the end of the first post and ignore all the gibberish.)

Keep in mind it's 1.68 GB large, and it is (obviously) not subtitled. And probably won't be: it's 4.5 hours long. ::sighs:: video quality is lacking as well, but eh... Speeds should be pretty good, as long as your bittorrent client's properly configured.
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