Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Odd. Can't believe I've never registered here.

Either way, am now a member. Creating an account.

They're perfect for my purposes: looking into creating a stable online place that doesn't cost a large amount.

([1]'s will not work unless you're viewing the full entry...)

Pay-as-you-go system: $1/GB[1]
CGI lisp, perl, python, ruby, and tcl, PHP 4, SSI...
SSH! SSH! They've got SSH!
No https. Not an issue, really. I was only planning on hosting my resume and maybe a list of projects...
No takedowns[2]
The money I send to them is mine. Refunds are (supposedly) easy to obtain, according to their FAQ. It's like a bank.[3]
Minimum payment required to start an account is a $.25 PayPal micropayment
No Ads.
No cron (eh... meh.), no FastCGI, no mod_perl, mod_ruby, mod_python, Java Servlets.
No persistent processes.
They amuse me[4]

[1]The same thing that happens if your site uses less than $0.01 in a day, in a week, or in a year: it keeps going until it does.

We aren't really interested in months. The amount of bandwidth you use is carried over as long as it takes until you accumulate a penny's worth of usage (10,737,418 bytes), even if that takes a month or more.

Yes, we are happy to host sites like this.

[2]At NearlyFreeSpeech.NET we firmly believe that censorship is a dangerous and misguided approach to the problems of society. We believe that the price we pay for the huge number of fantastic sites we host are a few sites that we feel are significantly less fantastic. We believe that the price you pay for living in what we hope is a free society is that when you encounter something offensive, you must resist the urge to censor it and instead research, investigate, and speak out passionately in opposition to it. That is the essence of free speech.

[3]We keep our members' funds in a special, independent, insured bank account. Periodically we calculate the total fees billed and transfer the appropriate amount into our operating account. We never spend the money before services have been rendered, ensuring that the money always exists to refund each and every personal bandwidth account should the need arise.

[4]And psst, we'll let you in on a little secret. Not all of our servers are the same color. Scandalous, we know.

Their FAQ, whever most of the above comes from.

[append] Oooh, they gave me $.02. That's enough for 1 GB of bandwidth and hmm... 31 megabyte-days? Assuming two files, 5000 bytes, 17.8 years, according to Google. Or, given that my resume is about 74 KB, about a year.
Tags: hosting, webhosts

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