Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Mmm, musicals.

Yeah. If I remember, tomorrow, I'll post the rest of the K's.

And then I'll start on the L's on friday, which will be a decent amount - 'cause the third L musical is Les Mis.

And the broadway community (bwayrecordings) has supplied me with a large number of Les Mis variations. List of variations (from the broadway community and

Original Broadway Cast 1986
Original London Cast
10th Anniversary Concert (1996)
French Concept Album
Austrian-Viennese 1998 Production
Swedish (Stockholm?) recording
High School Edition (??)
Original Korean Cast Recording
Japanese Green Cast
Japanese Light Blue Cast (2003)
Japanese Orange Cast
Japanese Red Cast
Japanese Violet/Purple Cast (2003)

And the Les Mis score...?

Granted, I have not verified that these are actually what they say to be, so uh, yeah...

Get caught up. :D

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