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I've been looking around for various web "front ends" for svn - essentially allowing comfortable browsing of an svn repository. The catch, however, is it must support remote repositories. As in, accessed through http:// or https://. Most, like Trac and ViewVC (was ViewCVS) either are working on handling it, or don't handle it at all.

So WebSVN [] handles it. And runs in PHP. That is good. (Trac and ViewVC are python based, a bit more of a hassle to install, at least for me.)

"XML error: no element found (3) at line 3 column 0 byte 45"

This error is due to a custom certificate. If you hit this, you'll need to find some way to tell svn to accept that certificate. Since my certificate was signed by CACert, all I had to do with add their root file to the svn config:
(in ~/.subversion/servers, on the bottom, after the [global])
ssl-authority-files = /etc/ssl/certs/cacert-root-ca.crt

And then I hacked (and modified
Diff as follows:
Index: include/
--- include/     (revision 522)
+++ include/     (working copy)
@@ -434,6 +434,7 @@
    // Tool path locations
    var $svnlook = "svnlook";
+   var $config_dir = "/tmp";
    var $svn = "svn --non-interactive --config-dir /tmp";
    var $svn_noparams = "svn --config-dir /tmp"; 
    var $diff = "diff";
@@ -811,6 +812,15 @@
       $var .= " ".$params;
+   // setSVNConfigPath
+   //
+   // Define the location of the svn config directory
+   function setSVNConfigPath($path)
+   {
+      $this->setPath($this->config_dir, $path, "", "");
+   }
    // setSVNCommandPath
@@ -818,8 +828,8 @@
    function setSVNCommandPath($path)
-      $this->setPath($this->svn, $path, "svn", "--non-interactive --config-dir /tmp");
-      $this->setPath($this->svn_noparams, $path, "svn", " --config-dir /tmp");
+      $this->setPath($this->svn, $path, "svn", "--non-interactive --config-dir ".$this->config_dir);
+      $this->setPath($this->svn_noparams, $path, "svn", " --config-dir ".$this->config_dir);
       $this->setPath($this->svnlook, $path, "svnlook");

Note: the configuration location set function must be called BEFORE setSVNCommandPath. ie;
$config->setSVNConfigPath("/Path/To/Subversion/config/.subversion ie. /Users/benjamin/.subversion");

Also, yes, it does use your subversion settings. I see no problems with this, but I may be sadly mistaken. If you want to play it safe, recreate the folder somewhere and set the "servers" file there.

Side note: accessing an SVN repository remotely is quite slow. If you have alternatives, use them.
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