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Hayate the Combat Butler

Yes, it's a silly name, but several of these pages had me cracking up.

Mocking the typical Dragon vs. Tiger spirits-battle, a staredown between two rivals:

And an attempt to find a proper "mortal blow" special attack... They found a manual left behind by a previous butler.

The *SHUT* action and the blushing amuses me so much. Although that's probably just because I'm silly like that. Probably not as amusing to other people...

And uh, Butler vs. Shark. Yepyep (character background: the girl waving the little twig at the shark is your stereotype clueless, easily lost girl.):

Here's chapter 42-51. I don't have the other chapters with me, but if anyone wants them, tell me, and I'll upload them.

As a side note, this was the manga series that I was ecstatic to hear that it was getting turned into an anime series.
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