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Happy April Fools Day, JAC Game/Craft night

Unfortunately, I have nothing good for you guys. No personal pregnancies, development of wings, sudden decisions to run for president, etc. Well, no, I lie. I may message a few random people with the following: "Um. This may come as a shock to you, but I've thought long and hard about it... but, I get long and hard when I think of you, and I thought I should let you know that I've always loved you oh so much, and like, we should get married and have kids."

However... FaceBook has announced:
Introducing LivePoke™! 2:24am
Facebook will dispatch a real live person today to poke a friend of your choice.*
*offer good for only the first 100 pokers in each network.

Google has announced:
Google TiSP: a free in-home broadband service:

JAC Game/Craft night:
Was awesome. Originally planned for 7-midnight, it ended up running from 7-3:30 AM. I dropped in around 9, after dinner with David's (the roommate) dad.

Learned several awesome origami box things, played multiple games of the-tower-of-bricks-that-must-be-removed, talked, played the piano, sang, played foozeball(sp?), tried Guitar Hero (or whatever that is), participated in random limbo using an umbrella, witnessed Daphne's amazing leaping skills, was amused, was complimented on origami instruction-following skills.

Am happy, content, and tired. Also regretting not getting more involved in JAC earlier. Good, very cool people. A number of which are graduating this year (*sigh*).

[edit] doh, potentially confusing second half.
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