Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Grr, google fails me.

My iPod shuffle has picked a random song that's pretty, but I can't identify it by the lyrics, and Google fails me. ([edit] found.)

Just step back,
Look all around you,
Breathe in the landscape
reach for the air,
Just step back,
Out of the picture,
Don't create something
Reveal what is there,

All it takes,
is a new way of seeing
A new way of thinking,
without any fear.

All this makes,
For a new way of seeing
Open your eyes...
And it all 'comes clear.

With all your dreams
Your head is spinning
All that you're facing
You can't comprehend

Each new day brings
A new beginning
Don't be afraid
This isn't the end...

All it takes,
Is a new way of seeing,
A new of thinking,
describing the scene.

All this makes
a new way of seeing
Just close your eyes
You'll see what I mean!

[edit] Ah hah! Found it. It's by the Reduced Shakespeare Company, from their Complete Millennium Musical album, track titled, "New Way of Seeing"

Now.. context?? o.O

[edit 2] context was apparently: "about the michaelangelo's painting of the cistine (sp?) chapel", according to the reviewer from here.
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