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Short bit of procrastination.

-Much fun with JAC peoples. Karaoke, Kamakura Japanese Restaurant. Saturday night. No pictures, but there's a recording I made. :)
-Some coding. Not enough though.
-DDR on my pads. And what might have been a static shock that fried by PS2 to USB adaptor. Boo.
-Illinites on friday, and randomly meeting up both Karen C.'s friends and JAC people.

Current status:
-Have clean underwear and socks. Go me!
-Have managed to attain a new low on an exam. Depression/realization hasn't quite set in yet. Need to go in and talk to professor and patch up holes in knowledge. Buggers. Much hate for ECE440.
-Wrote a 6 page draft for GER250 and turned it in a weekend late. Bah.
-Sleeping schedule is really, really messed up at the moment. A whole +5 hour shift. As in, been sleeping at 3-5 AM, getting up around noon. This is not good for me. Fix planned for tonight, with a stupid energy drink and homework that's due tomorrow.
-Homework. And School. I've been kinda behind, and still am. Sucks.

-I once read about a drug (depressant of some sorts? I don't recall...) that some students were taking in order to study. While it's probably not good for me, I'm considering finding the damn stuff after more research to see if it'll help with the not-being-able-to-stay-on-one-topic problem.
Which is a major problem. Studying, efficient studying, very rarely happens around here. I get distracted practically everywhere I go, regardless of what's around me. And it's been affecting my grades by way too much. And it makes me really inefficient, which annoys me.

Anyone know what drug-stuffs I'm talking about? o.O

Ah, here we go: Adderall - article

Mrf. Warnings and other issues look serious though. XP


Will hunt for ginko biloba instead.
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