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Weekend of Google Games, My Fair Lady, and food

So my weekend consisted of the first ever Google Games, a student-produced My Fair Lady, and good food (followed by a lot of talking~).

Google Games opened at 6 PM on friday with an introduction of what would happen Saturday (as well as a decent amount of pretty good chinese food provided by Google). This ran until 6:45-ish, at which point, they finished and opened up the Wiis for people to practice on. Our team (consisting of Daphne C., Joe P., James K., Matt D., and myself [/ me?]) scurried off to Illini Union Board's Spring Musical, My Fair Lady. It was at the Assembly Hall, our large flying-saucer building on the south side of campus, so there was much rushing and bus catching. I biked, since I needed to drop off my backpack before going - no point in having to bother security with all my stuff.

The show itself was... ok. I guess. I'm not exactly a big fan of My Fair Lady. Not objected to watching it, but it's... meh. I don't know. The music is only okay. But IUB's version was... not as good as the movie. Or rather, not as good as I would have expected it to be, comparing what we could do in Black Maskers to what they ought to be able to do.

The producer modernized the show - kinda. So there were no old dresses - everyone wore, more or less, street clothing. The stage was uninspiring. They had a total of two panels that were flown in to represent different locations, approximately 8 total props pieces (the professor's desk, a bed-chair, a chair, a birdcage+stand, a trashcan, and two street-lamps). Granted, the play probably did not call for too much / scene changes probably weren't too common... At least they kept with the Black/White dresses for the final ball...

Actors weren't too bad. They were all mic'd, I believe, although there were a few obvious slip-ups , here and there. And people kept walking off to stage right where they were hidden by the front decoration-thing that acted as a proscenium arch. Kinda.

Lighting was ok. The spotlights were occasionally confused and messed up several times. Of course, the distance was much greater than RM, but... still. Eh. I dunno.

Sound was ok. There was only one time when someone's mic should have been up and it wasn't up.


Our team name was "Gantz", after the anime series. I don't know - I didn't pick it.

Google Games started 9:30ish with breakfast and some wii practice. Then they started the first of three sections: the intellectual part. We were given 6 problems. Each solved problem nets us a piece of the final problem (some massive crossword type thing). The 6 problems included: 2 sudoku-like things, 1 origami (fold the paper to turn it into this sample) thing, 1 4-part programming problem (including one html+javascript problem, one PostScript problem, one very strange language that involved double semicolons as comments with an operator first syntax (as in, '(+ (var1) var2)', or something like that) - I think that was a fabricated language made specially for Google Games, and one final language in c), one "organizing"/sorting problem, and one last one that I don't remember anymore. We got all of them but the programming problem (only one of the 15? groups got that... 4 Normal people and 1 nerd, I believe, was their team name.)

The second of three sections was the Wii contest - starting off the first round with Tennis (our team won, but barely), then Batting/Hitting home runs? We placed last there (team total of 11 home runs, I made 4. The average was around 20... ^^;;; ) and didn't advance to the last Wii contest. We broke for lunch here.

Finally, there was the Lego Bridge building contest. We placed 9- in beauty and only 6? 5th? in strength at 61 lbs. total. The max was a surprising 102 lbs. (two buckets, one full of stones, the other holding a one litter bottle of soda, with another litter placed on top of the bridge itself). I'm not too sure how they managed that. It was pretty amazing.... The average strong bridges were around 65 - two of these had blocks sideways - which held firmer than I believed it would - makes sense though... The weaker bridges were at 20. The least was about 13 lbs, I believe.

To our surprise, we placed third - barely. We had tied with the Full House team, but our puzzle score was just barely higher than theirs, and that was the tie-breaker. So we got green Google headbands, and nice Google sweatshirts (on top of the Google games t-shirts everyone got). The logo used was the closing ceremony logo here: (first one)


Following the Google Games, we went to Loomis to catch the end of JAC, since Daphne's the president and responsible for stuff. And then wandered over to someone's place, where we sat and talked a lot as food was prepared by Samatha C., an amazing cook~.

There was much talking. I need to bring my camera with me more often.


While looking for that language, I found the Shakespeare Programming Language:

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