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Endless.com:Negative $5 Overnight Shipping? - IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Endless.com:Negative $5 Overnight Shipping?


By way of Amazon.com.

Quoting part of the text-alternative e-mail:
Endless Shoes & Handbags


Special limited-time promotion! Overnight Shipping is Negative $5.

That's right, we pay you for overnight shipping. (Really!)


Meet Endless.com

Just as Amazon.com revolutionized the way you shop for books and music,
we've built a new
way to shop for shoes and handbags. Best of all, Overnight Shipping is
FREE. (Really!)


FREE Overnight Shipping
FREE Return Shipping
110% Price Guarantee
FREE 365-day Returns


I may take advantage of this to try to get a new pair of dress shoes... Mostly, it was the hassle of having to return things that don't fit have prevented me from trying to buy clothing online. But with "365-day returns" and free return shipping... it might be spiffy.

[edit] stupid long-ass link fixed. So it's not long-assy.

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