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J-Net 'Host Club' Event

I can't believe it took me 4 hours to get this up and looking decent. (note: no actual people-profiles yet, since I haven't been given those. So there's assorted randomness up.)

(Background: J-net's (Japan Intercultural Network) doing a host 'bar' fundraiser. We've got a lot of hosts lined up - now just with hopes that we'll get customers. Heheh. Link to Wikipedia on "Hostess Bar" for those who don't know what it is.)

Mostly it's the Illustrator bit. I couldn't figure out how to draw nice paths. So about 1-2 hours after being frustrated, I pulled an image from google and had Illustrator generate a path for me. That worked. Then... I tried to do fancy stuff, but.. that failed. ::sighs:: Have learned about bit more about Illustrator though.

But yes, page done in time for next week's event. I think I was asked to get it up by next monday, but.. eh.

Homework now. Yarr. Oh, food first. Meep, completely forgot about dinner - and jeeze, it's 10. ^^;;; Now if I could only achieve the same focus on homework like I focus on creating webpages and designing layouts...

[edit] whoops, wrong link!
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