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That was a tasty break from studying. A brief anime movie that poked the separation between dreams and reality. Although I can't really say what exactly happened... still not entirely sure myself. But it's highly recommended, so if you happen across a copy, pick it up and watch it.

Essentially, a machine that allows people to enter dreams is created. So it's used for therapy and such. Lucid dreaming, essentially. And powerful lucid dreaming. More control than I'll ever have - there's things like, traveling to another part of the dream by use of a picture within the dream which I don't think I can do. Once I enter the state of lucid dreaming, the creative, randomly generating part turns off, and the rest of the dream is more or less consciously controlled... But enough of me. Back to the movie...

The machine(s) is(/are) stolen or at least it's being misused by some unknown third party, and that wreaks havoc on dreams, which then merges into reality, causing damage there. I'm not too sure how, or why. Well, ok, it did explain how the machine could influence actual reality, as it uses the same wavelengths within the brain to communicate to other parts of itself (the machine). So conscious people would see and be influenced by the dream currently being read by the machine. And with a strong signal, it could bleed over into the minds of the conscious people. But that doesn't explain the damaged buildings in actual reality (which we see in the last scene).

And there's some more technical "wait, but, what the fuck?" things, such as the cop's entrance into the dream world by way of a laptop and website? It was somewhat stated that the dreams can be recreated on a computer screen... but that doesn't explain how he was able to control his actions there. Unless he was also using a dream interfacing thingie... but it didn't look like it.
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