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Dear Neko,

Your class is at 9 AM. Your alarm clock was correct when you first set it to wake you at 8:30.

So why the seven colored flying dwarves did you CHANGE it to 7:30!? Moron.

Your Brainz


In other news, it's very nice to be awake right now. It's a beautiful day outside, I had time to wander the quiet Everitt (ECE building) and snag some of the free coffee. And now I can spend the remaining 40 minutes replying to e-mail, and getting other parts of my life in order. Oi, this week's going to be chaotic - J-net Host Club fundraiser friday, final version of my Grimms' Fairy Tales 10 page essay due friday, database homework due thursday...

Plus, I need to study. A Lot. Ugh.
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