Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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::v. amused::

All of my posts over at Deadjournal (cept for one short one) are female according to this site: Gender Genie

This journal is Female as well. But this was from copying and pasting the entire page into the box... as is my IBCorner journal. Interestingly enough, they found my blurty journal to be male. This is strange because I was trying (only kinda...) to write as a girl there.... ^^;;;;; But there aren't that many posts, so... ::shrugs:: And my uJournal is Female as well. Pitas is male.

Wow... and senpai's journals both return female! Surprise. =^.-= :3 jk~

Lady's journal is female as well. We're not surprised, are we, no.

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