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One done. Three to go.

3 hours before the next one.

I have a total of 1-2 hours of sleep, gotten in small bits over the course of the morning, when I realized that pushing myself and potentially crashing later (during an exam) might be a bad thing.

But I couldn't really fall asleep - at least not without worrying that I'd oversleep. And whatever's in these 2 oz, 5-hour drinks kept me feeling jitterly and quite awake at the time. I think I still fell asleep though.

But yes, I think the effects of the drink's finally starting to wear off. Which is good, and bad. Good because I don't like the jittery feeling, but bad thing because it means I may be sleepy during the next exam. But yeah, it lasted much longer than expected - I drank half around 1 AM, and the other half around 3 AM.

I have a pretty high typo rate right now. Hmm, bad signs.

Google Games hoodie very comfy. Very big too. XP Should have taken medium. I'm a silly-butt.

Back to studying. And dinner. Need more than two slices of bread and lots of water to live.

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