Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Xanga spam!

Sup, IBNeko I came accross your xanga on the Montgomery County metros section. I'm actually on my brothers account, My name is Jessica I am a 18 year old female and my brother is a web developer and I just thought you might be intrested in his website. Because your 21 you fit in the targeted agerange for the site, so if you have nothing better to do at the moment check it out. I have provided a special invitation link at the bottom of this message.

The site is called Beast Toast. It has about 8,000 members already, so if you have a question about something, or just want to share your thoughts feel free to hit the site up.

http://www.Beast[-whoops, I broke the URL. Don't use this, google-]


All modifications in red.


My reply:
1. If you're targeting people in their early 20's, you'll want better grammar (both here, and on your forum) and more intellectual content. To me, it looks like just another stupid forum filled with high schoolers. In short, I see no reason to waste my time there.
2. I find it hilarious that you say you're Jessica, yet you're signing the message as Chad. Do you have a multiple-personalities problem?
3. You spam. Doing a quick google search revealed other similar messages with "8,000 members" when site stats actually reveal 18,000, I believe. So you fail there too.

Someone else who has received the stupid:
Tags: stupid people

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