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I was invited to a "Get Paid to go to China" group by Gordon. Here's the group description as of 5/27/2007, 2:13 AM EST:
Are you a bright, extroverted individual who is ready to embark on an experience of a lifetime, engaging a new country and culture? Are you prepared to push your limits, discover your boundaries, and grow as an adult?
Advanced Learning and Teaching in China (ALTIC) is searching for twelve adults with just these characteristics. If you think you match these standards and are up for the challenge of teaching in Beijing, we encourage you to apply for our program that starts this August.

Program Details
As a participant, you are given the following:
• $5,000 upon completion of the program
• Round trip plane tickets
• A month of professional teachers’ training
• Housing in high-end Beijing apartments
• 2,500 Renminbi stipend a month to cover living expenses
• Six hours of Chinese language instruction a week
• Trips to Yunnan, Chengde, and BaDaLing Great Wall
• A week long Chinese acclimation program
• One-on-one assistance
• Bonuses
• Standard American teaching abroad contracts (in English)

The following is asked of participants:
• 550-570 hours of teaching per semester for two semesters
• $2,000 deposit (returned at end of program)
• Comprehensive International Insurance (standard package)
• A Passport of a Native English Speaking Country
• Passport Photos

Check us out online at If you would like more information feel free to send us an email at or call (202)-657-6484.

And the group's recent news:
If you successfully recruit a person for our program, we will pay you $300. If you are doing our program, we will deduct $500 from your deposit. Please contact us before you start recruiting at

Now, I do know Gordon IRL (as most people here know) and he actually posted a bit in the group discussion regarding going to china. Here's what he said:
"There are many ways to go to China, but most involve worthless tours with Westerners and expensive study/intern abroad programs (especially with GW Tuition)! ALTIC is a one-of-a-kind deal that integrates you into urban Chinese society without all those expensive fees. If you think now your future involves China, you can do yourself no greater favor than taking advantage of this opportunity and sampling real Chinese society and culture. Find out first if it's right for you, without breaking the bank.

The author resided in Beijing for one semester as a CIEE student, another as a Peking University student, and a summer as a researcher. He is not affilated with ALTIC."

Here's my reply:
[EDIT] Reply removed upon request.

[EDIT 5/27/07, 23:14] Domain lookup information removed. If you want it, go look it up yourself. I'm retracting my statement of mistrust. See below.[/END EDIT]

[EDIT] Statement retracted - see end of post for details [/EDIT]

Facebook group:

[EDIT 5/27/07, 23:14]
Ok, I'm retracting my statement of mistrust. Gordon called me earlier and has informed me that he knows John Holsapple personally, and that the program is quite legit. It is completely new, hence the lack of any other references to the program.
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