Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Meme'ng: Seduction style; MOO!; Bra size.

The words, should the image above not load:
"The Bubble:
Wow! You totally live on your own planet. Can we visit? You've managed to keep most of your innocent optmism about love, life, and everything. If we could bottle your psyche and sell it to depressed people, well, that would be weird... But we'd all be rich! Seriously, how did you get this far in life without bruising?

You couldn't be cuter if you were a basket of kittens. Your seduction style? Adorable and innocent. Oh my golly, People will love you all the way down to your widdle toesies. You deserve a rainbow, and a unicorn."

And I got my MOO cards from the MOOxLiveJournal deal. I expect the MOOxVox cards will come tomorrow or tuesday, since I got those the day after.

These are pretty. The Wizard's Oath ones didn't come out all that prettily, as words were a bit too small and dark blue to actually read. The other ones, mostly pictures of friends and one of family, came out decently. I think I should have left the back blank though. ^^;; My word choice seems a bit cheesy, since I was aiming to make it suitable for all of the pictures.

Lady, I used one picture of you from prom - will give that to you next time I see you. The rest... Mmm, may give one of the other friend prints to Ting, one to Lily and maybe one to Karen and keep the rest.

And according to, I have a 34A or 36A bra size. Hrm. Although the numbers seem to vary widely depending on how tight the ruler is. I boggle.
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