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To do...

-contemplate Otakon

-Making stuff for people

-Cleaning the room - I just killed one of those inch-long (large and dumb) mosquitoes, two beetles, one small bug, and... there's one silverfish is still in the room somewhere. It had the audacity to run across my desk, pause, then scurry away. WTF?! Don't know where it crawled off to... and I want to go to bed. >.< At least it doesn't fly? [edit] arrrgh, something just flew past my face. Where are these bugs coming from? They weren't here yesterday! Although it was absurdly humid and hot today... maybe they're seeking refuge.... =X.x=

-Find the other sort of ribbons... Hit two craft stores today, and neither stocked it. Ehhhh.... what kind of craft store are you guys? Oh well, employee of the second store said to hit the G street fabrics store. Buggers.

-Coding: HTML::PullParser. Need to get the correct RSS/Atom feeds. Regex just doesn't cut it.

-Work: Clock hours, now that I've finally been given the login and password and site. Here to hoping I'll see money soon. >.<

-Hmmm, by the end of the week, Mom will be in Taiwan. Sister will leave for strange medical camp in PA, and I'll be alone with Dad, until the end of the week, when we pick her up again, and then dump her at the airport so she can fly to the music camp. Quiet time. And a week after that, Dad will fly off to China, where Mom will meet up with him and they'll stay there for two weeks. Start planning for said two weeks? Mmm, one weekend to myself~ Hopefully. =^__^=

-Read books. La~ books.

-Kingdom Hearts~ =^^=
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