Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Dear AT&T High Speed Internet,

You guys are evil, money grubbing bastards. I hope those of you who work in upper management, making the decisions to add fine print and screw over your customers who pay you burn in hell.

Oh, and you too, dear service rep who took my first call to AT&T and lied about giving me a 8 month contract. The rest of the service reps were fine. I know you guys don't actually give a shit about the other voice on the phone, asking for assistance, but hey, as long as you get paid, right? But you, the one who lied, here's to hoping someone screws you over someday.

Fuck you,

My story? I called, signed up for AT&T despite all the horror stories about customer service that I read. (Bad move #1). Discovered while signing up that no, actually, adding up all the other surcharges and taxes and other required services to get the offered discount put the price at, and afterwards, a bit higher than cable. Went ahead and signed up. (Bad move #2). Was promised a rebate equal to my cable bill, but was told I'd get a letter about it in a month. That never came. I didn't chase after it. (Bad move #3).

Then, at the end of the spring semester. I was moving out. Internet died a few days later or something, and roommate wanted to switch over to cable before they jacked up prices. I canceled. I didn't double check to make sure there weren't any hidden fees (like this $99 termination fee). (Bad move #4).


Oh, yeah, and it's interesting. Once you're no longer a customer, they transfer you veerrrrrry quickly to another customer representative who's job is apparently to sit there listening to you complain. I bet she wasn't even a manager. She was the one who insisted that I had 12 months as a contract. And just wouldn't do anything about it.

Right, so my question now is, how does one boy try to hurt a large company? :P
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