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Despite the whining of not enough time and all...

I've completed v 2.0 of the RMHS Anime Club Website. (Frameless v 1.0). I love my banner, whee~~

And I've discovered that Dreamweaver, although seemingly powerful, generates a lot of pointless code. >.< And although it's more logical than Photoshop's webpage generating system (which I used to generate the frameless site's template-it was horrible, although it did what it was supposed to.) it's still awfully redundant. ::sighs:: hopefully I'll get patient enough to go in and neaten up the code a bit.

Now, the question is, should I add links to the frameless at the splash page? Or just send people to the frameless site and drop the framed site?

And in other news, finished the Long Fuse, took notes, they're available online, check for details. You can't lose. But be forewarned, I didn't spellcheck the thing, nor did I attempt to use proper grammar. They are v. rough notes.

Off to finish chinese now...

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