Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

A-Bike, "Naked Dance!"

Both via porsupah:
1. The A-Bike -
Rather spiffy. Although I wonder how well it balances - looks like you could quite easily fall backwards. Hm, official web says hard surfaces only. Still, if it's as convenient as it looks, it might be rather nice.

Speaking of folding bikes, I saw one parked at the Friendship Heights Metro (subway~) station friday. It was completely folded up into a small square of stuff - well, not that small. Not much longer or higher than a normal bike wheel though. Should have snapped a picture.

2. And this amused me greatly. Probably because it's late.
(and animated too: - hee~ the girly scream amuses me so much. Both characters are male, by the way.)
Haven't heard the song before, so... went and downloaded it. It's Straight Up by Paula Abdul. Not... an awesome song, but I suppose it is quite girly? Maybe? ::has no social knowledge in that area:: Rather upbeat, but dance-able to. At least when you're ABSOLUTELY sure you're alone, of course. ;) ::goes to close his bedroom door::

...And the furaffinity post reminded me of this from Better Days by Jay Naylor. =^^=

Oh buggers, Byousoku 5 Centimeter was licensed by ADV? Buggers, buggers, buggers. Why couldn't you guys wait until after it's been all released and fansubbed before licensing it? Although... It does looks like something I would have bought the DVD for anyways.
Tags: humor, toys

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