Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


who's this...?
You could be having sex with...

psychic lovers ain't so bad. They know what you like... but of course since this
is Schuldig we're dealing with here, he might not always do what you
like, will he?

Which Weiß Kreuz Boy Could You Be Having Sex With?@Weiß Versa

oh, but the quiz was fun... so many different answers to chose from.

1. Okay. Let's go. You and me. Sex. Right now.
------ No.
-----> Right now?
-----> ::blush:: NANI???
------ But we're already doing it . . .
------ I knew you were going to say that.
------ I was thinking the exact same thing.
------ Is it going to hurt?
------ How about . . . not?

2. What's your *fantasy*?
-----> Roses, candles, champagne, and a soft bed with satin sheets.
-----> Spending a day at the park and collapsing into each others' arms later.
-----> Experiencing innocent bliss in a sunny field of wildflowers.
------ Steamy, loud and luscious hot shower loving.
-----> Doing everything I can to please my lover.
-----> Helpless in bondage, getting the brains violently screwed out of me.
-----> Being completely submissive to a powerful, mysterious man.
------ Lost in fervent passion, trapped in a small space from which we cannot escape.

3. What would you wear to seduce your man?
-----> A slightly revealing evening gown.
-----> Tight shirt and little shorts (bonus points if there's a sports team on the shirt.)
-----> A school uniform.
------ Anything that's sexy and exposes as much as legally possible.
------ Something professional yet feminine - suits with short skirts and stilettos.
------ Leather corset, spiked jewelry, and anything else that might hurt.
-----> Whatever he wants me to wear.
-----> A bunny outfit.

5. What's your position of choice?
------ Missionary - why break tradition?
------ Anything, as long as we get a good workout.
------ I like being on top . . . don't worry, I'll treat him nice.
-----> Whatever makes us both feel good all over, but usually I like him on top.
------ Whatever I want to do - my lover knows me like a book.
------ Any position that hurts really badly.
-----> Whatever he wants to do.
------ In a closed space, maybe up against a wall, even.

6. Kinky?
------ Sensual massage and chocolate syrup kinky.
-----> Kama Sutra kinky.
------ Not kinky at all.
------ Skimpy lingerie and black satin sheets kinky.
------ Screwing on top of the boss's desk kinky.
-----> Whips and chains and spanking kinky.
-----> Handcuffs and lots of rope kinky.
------ Too busy being angsty to be kinky.

7. What consists of foreplay to you?
------ Full-body massages and hot baths.
------ Wrestling - we work hard, we play hard.
-----> A little cuddling, but it's more important to do that afterwards.
-----> Naughty games, sweet talk, and kisses in nice places.
------ Not very much. I like to get right into the thick of things.
------ We start out with little bites and scratches, and then we bring out the knives...
-----> Mind games and bondage.
------ Not a lot - it's usually spur-of-the-moment.

9. So, what happens after the deed is done?
-----> We fall asleep and eat breakfast in bed the next morning.
-----> We cuddle ourselves to sleep in each others' arms.
------ A nice snuggle and soul-baring fest that makes it all worthwhile.
------ We share a cigarette and sleep like babies until it's time to do it again.
------ We take showers to get the icky stuff off of us.
------ We lick each others' wounds.
------ He drops me off at home until he needs me again.
------ Not much - we usually just part ways.

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