Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

IT Security, Chicken chicken chicken, geek dress codes, etc...

First: IT Security Warfare. A rather interesting read, at least for me.

Second: a presentation at the AAAS. Someday, I'll have the self-esteem and guys to stand up in front of a crowd and do that. (via porsupah)

Third, from the interesting Geeketiquette blog, comes the Dresscodes: Geek vs. Non-Geek. Some of it is true, I suppose.
(but potentially worth noting, if you're a geek like I am, and fail to pick up on normal social cues...)

Lastly, via metaquotes (and porsupah): the interaction between Christianity and Islam, if they're both kids....

And an odd mishmash of links that I need to visit/do/screw/whatnot:
OpenVPN, when on public, unsecured Wifi (project temporarily on hold; uiuc provides vpn that covers everything I need):

Rails! Ruby! Arrrr?:

Security: (and why I need a MacBook /Pro) (download and try)

Wifi cracking: (need to locate and buy...?)

Japanese: (learning japanese with RPG... something?)

Origami (via... kimoi):
Tags: humor, links, security, video

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