Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Whee, happy Fourth to all; iPhone impression

Teehee, I heard the DC Mall got evacuated earlier due to the weather (t-storm warnings were issued).

On a side note, the fireworks in NYC are so much better. Why? Wtf? ...I'm watching them live on NBC, occasionally switching back to PBS, which showed the Washington DC Capital Fourth fireworks.

Heck, I saw smilie faces, cubes, a whole scattering of colors. You think we'd have better fireworks, as the nations capital? Sheesh. Not to say I'll be going to NYC in the future just for fireworks, but it's so much better... XP

Oh, that's why. It's Macy's fireworks. XP

On a somewhat unrelated note: I like July 4th. I spent all last night alternating between doing bits of coding and playing Kingdom Hearts. Most of today was spent with Ting, wandering around in montgomery mall.

While she was returning a pair of panties to Victoria Secret, I wandered over to the Apple Store and poked the iPhone. It's... very nice. I guess. Web browsing was indeed spiffy, as the the mutli-touch pinching. Scrolling was nice. The virtual keyboard did seem somewhat awkward. Each key was half the size of my thumb, so I didn't always know where to push, especially since feedback seemed minimal.
Tags: independence day, usa

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