Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Awww, buggers. Silly MacConnection.

Ordered my MacBook Pro from MacConnection 10 days ago. They gave an estimated shipping in 3-7 days.

And I just e-mailed them and they told me (very apologetically) that the estimated arrival date (I'm presuming they mean the MacBook Pros arriving to their warehouse) had been pushed back to 7/17. =T.T= I've been looking forward to playing with the new machine all last week...

It's almost as if something out there doesn't want me to order the machine. It is a good deal of money that could... go elsewhere... but... I don't want to deal with my crippled iBook.

Going to go into the Apple store today, check to see if they have any in stock (maybe along with an iPod, since they've got that rebate running again) and pay the extra $50 from taxes. (MacConnection: -$150 rebate vs. Apple: -$200 edu discount + $100~ish tax.)

Please let the Apple store have MacBook Pros in stock... Please, please, please...
Tags: macbook pro

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