Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Woah... the MacBook Pro is HOT...

::puts it on his lap::


::puts it back on the table and decides not to burn off his leg hairs::

According to the Temperature Monitor application I snagged, system idle temperature is around 56ºC, read off the CPU A Temperature Diode. Mind you, that's with the fans running at 4000 RPM (low level of 2000 RPM), as I've installed Fan Control to try to alleviate things. The GPU Temperature Diode is at 61ºC as is, oddly, the "wireless module". However, the GPU Heatsink 1 is at 52ºC. Occasionally, it would randomly peak at 60ºC, at which point the fans would speed up again and it would drop back down.

I suspect bad application of thermal grease. Although I could be wrong. But 60ºC = very hot.

Hot becomes dangerous when you begin thinking about the potential of 140ºF. If you were to touch the hottest parts of your laptop, you could potentially obtain serious burns in seconds. In a mere 11 seconds, your body would obtain a second-degree burn if you constantly touched your laptop when it had a temperature of 131ºF. At 140ºF, you could receive a third-degree burn in 5 seconds or a second-degree burn in 2 seconds. This is when you need to be concerned that your laptop has become dangerously hot.


Of course, the outside of the case probably isn't up to that temperature, but... if you compare it to my iBook:
Idle CPU temp: 45ºC - as I'm typing this
Idle GPU temp: 47ºC


Erasing the hard drive and reinstalling. This time, I'm not going to copy files over. Maybe it'll make a difference? ::doubts it, but would rather do that then either bear the heat or talk to Apple people::

[edit 1]
Throughout the re-install process, the macbook pro has only been warm to the touch. Not burning, as it was before. And the keyboard is actually cool. So that's a good sign...

[edit 2]
Yep, definitely better than it was. Idle temperature's now 48 off the CPU A Temperature Diode. GPU is 57, GPU heatsink is 47.
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