Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Arrrgh, damnit...

So much to do, and so little's getting done.
- Sell iBook on eBay. The wide spread of prices unnerves me - they range from a sorry $275 to $500+

- Mail off people's graduation presents. They're sitting on my desk, but... need to find box and post office and... mrf. Saturday, when places are open and I don't have work. It'll get to you guys, I promise! mailed saturday 7/21~ and shoved money into bank.

+ Sold Otakon badge. Earned $50 back, although $7 went towards parking. Should have parked at one of the street meters and walked, but... argh, DC and the stupid one-way streets. And I didn't know if the line to get my badge would be long.

- Need to study for GREs. Got books. They sit next to me on the floor, unopened. Have renewed them once. Ugh. Heck, probably ought to register for GREs too... then I'll have a deadline and motivation.

- Need to work on Highbrow.

- Need to work on the J-net website. I intend to make a new one, without someone else's layout this time.

- Probably ought to register for a citibank credit card and use the 0% APR balance transfer to pay off the macbook pro purchase for the time being...

- Need to drop one of the CS classes I'm planning on taking next semester. Yes, ECE office. Fuck you, and fuck your "friendly warnings". I know very well that what I'm registered for is bad - I'm not that stupid, you know. Not after multiple semesters of the same sort of not-so-goodness. (hate grades...)

- Never got a reply from the ALTIC teaching in China guy. John H. Am probably not going to post the materials he sent to me, since I don't have permission to do so, and as much as I'd like to help undo damage done in my doubting him, since he hasn't replied, and I'm not all that keen on providing bandwidth to someone who doesn't seem to care all that much (at least, not about those people who aren't actually interested in going on the trip themselves?). Obviously, I'm only important when I'm causing a fuss. Oh well.

- Need to sleep earlier. Instead of at 2 AM, like, 1 AM. =.=;; So I stop nodding off on the bus, generating painful neck cramps...
Tags: life, todo

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