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There's something wrong with the PowerMac G4 in our house.

Serving files from it, regardless of method, stalls and hangs around 2 KB/s. I've tried AppleShare, SFTP, and HTTP.

Organizing thoughts below:

SFTP is running a painful less than 5KB/s.
A 700 KB splash images is taking around a minute to load.
AppleShare mounts cause Finder to beachball for up to half a minute, when browsing folders and stuff.

I'm on the same network, plugged into the same router - using wired now, so this rules out wireless.

Ping responds normally, in around .5 ms, which is perfectly fine.

I have no problems loading pages and files from my PC box that's serving SVN/Trac.

It's the PowerMac G4. There's something wrong with the box. Software, looks like? I've got 80% idle, so it's not another process that's eating up all the processing power. Netstat shows connections to aol and msn, which is correct, as well as http, afp, and ssh, to my machine. That is correct and fine.

So why is it being so laggy? (hell, 'top' takes a full seconds to load completely on a 60 line terminal window....)

Better now. Hard reset the router, and the 700 KB image doesn't take a minute to load now. More like... 10 seconds, which is still excessive. And SFTP runs, but only at 50 KB/s? WTF... Navigating the fileshare in the Finder is still very laggy.

Hum, might be the broadband optimization?

[edit 2]
I don't get it. It got worse overnight. And I was woken up by parental units requesting assistance, 'cause trying to print would cause a beachball (akin to the Finder reading AppleShare Volumes), time out, then throw up with an error.

WTF... wtf?

Unplugged the ethernet port for a bit, then plugged it back in. Stuff works now, but still laggy. Printing works as well. I haven't seen anything useful in the system/console logs either.
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