Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Brad is leaving SixApart/LiveJournal

Oh dear.

Brad is leaving SixApart. There goes the person we trust.

Heading for google, I believe. And I think I understand how he feels - the lack of an active, challenging, "ahhhh, fuuuuck" panic, with alert, eager programmers was something I noticed while visiting SixApart last year. People were laid back - there was little of that forward "drive" that I find when working in small groups, trying to accomplish a single goal against a deadline.

I suspect he might not find Google to be that much better. It's hard to find that kind of energy when there's that many people - it gets dispersed and lost between the communication, meetings, protocols. Because there's someone else who can work slower, so you work slower to match them, and soon, everyone else is working slower.

Or maybe I'm just pulling BS out of a hat. I dunno.
Tags: brad, lj

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