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Yay, Daphu came back to visit~

Got called at 1 PM today and told I should go to the Quad to Joe's picnic. ::amused:: Then spent most of the time with the group of JAC people - James, Becky, Jane, Daphu, Joe, Chris... was also joined by Daria, Jenny, Vlad, and uhm. Other people that I'm forgetting. Old dude that's in charge of Loomis? Joshua?

Had picnic on the Quad, then ice cream at the Custards place down south on Kirby and Neil, then Curtis Orchards (meeeep, can't believe I biked that far once. At least I didn't try today - they would probably have been waiting for me for twenty minutes or so). Went to Joshua's place, watched Porco Rosso. Then moved on to Daria's place and tried a few wines - hmmm... there was something that was actually acceptable, although not something I'd drink over, say, orange juice. Mostly listened to people talk though. Brain too slow - can't follow all three-four conversation threads at the same time.

James and Daphu are adorable together, although... James kept trying to eat Daphu. Odd quirkiness. Oooh, speaking of adorable, ::taps kimoi::, the two of you should sing the Wu Ding song. 'cause... mmm... it'd be cute and "Awwww"-ish. ::nods, silly:: Really bad recording of it: (if link fails, or if you'd actually want to try singing that, tell me and I'll provide the MP3).
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