Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

New Apple iPods/iPhones

Oh sexy. Sexy in a small box of metal, circuits and plastic.

(educational prices listed)
iPod Touch: 8GB for $300, 16GB for $400. Think iPhone, without the phone capability? So trade the cellphone circuitry for 8GB of extra storage, really. Ships Sept 28th.

iPod Nano: 4 GB for $150, 8GB for $200. Looks elongated and strange. But plays video now.

iPhone: 8GB for $400
iPod Shuffle: 1GB for $80
iPods: 80GB for $250, 160GB for $350

(On the side note, the iTV is only $300? Hmmm, small portable, sexy webserver, anyone?)
Tags: apple

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