Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Wheee, cheap clothing!

I have discovered Steve & Barry's [Wikipedia entry], an apparently really low priced clothing store, carrying a decent amount of stuff, all priced around $8-9, some usually at $14-19, from hoodies, thick winter jackets, , windbreakers, to jeans, and semi-casual business wear.

Was biking around up north, and decided to drift past Sam's Club, saw a strange, but large (warehouse sized) store with only the name "Steve & Barry's" without any advertisements outside. The entire building was painted a rather boring white and the only windows at the entrance were tinted. So I parked my bike and wandered in. Saw the 40-50% Fall Liquidation sale signs, sighed, and was going to leave, but.. I saw hoodies on sale, and I needed another hoodie. So... wandered around for about an hour: There's a lot of sportswear / university-wear (surprisingly enough, I saw northwestern, perdue, michigan, etc.. near an UIUC? Very unusual). There were also (very stupid) T-shirts.

Am happy. For once, the guy's section is significantly larger than the girls section for once - we take up the entire middle of the store, plus the right wing. And I actually reached the conclusion that, "Meeep, want more money so I can increase my wardrobe!"

The only thing is, half the time, they didn't carry sizes that fit me. A lot of it was XL, especially the shorts and the only t-shirt that I liked ("Easily Distracted").

So I bought:
1) Pair of carpenter jeans for $7.79 (originally $12.98)
2) A hooded windbreaker for $7.49
3) A thicker wool/polyester jacket for $7.49
4) A thin brown hoodie for $8.99 (was $14.98)
5) A black hoodie that I need to modify* for $8.99 (was $14.98)
Total of $43.90. Tax was $3.15, "savings" was $17.17. I'm pretty sure this is cheap - anyone else who shops frequently want to confirm?

Whee. I think I need to do a quick inventory of my semi-casual business shirts and pants and see if I want to take advantage of the Fall Liquidation sale - Cashier said it should go on until October?

*It says "ARMY" on it. I'm getting rid of that. Somehow.

Hmm, I need to find my black jeans...
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