Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Hahahaha, score!

800 comments for Olga, goal= accomplished √
Other people helped as well, not claiming all the credit here, just posted the 800th comment, so I thought I should mention it here.

Need to go back and copy/save out some of the things I said.. =^^= Namely the "I am in IB..." and "You know you are in IB if..." Done.

Note, truthfulness of the following statements may vary as much as your milage. You have been foreshadowed.
Starting with "I am in IB..."
• Therefore I BS. And I do it well darn it. I want an A on me BSsing skills or else I'll BS your little red pen into a bs bs bs.... o.O
• Therefore I procrastinate. See Ben Work. See Ben Try To Work. See Ben Fail To Work. See Ben Not Get IB Diploma And Miss It By One Point.
• Therefore I am geeky. Want me to describe how geeky? I have monitor based tan lines on my face from my glasses...
• Therefore I am smart. Do not ask me questions and you shall see the depth of my intelligence.
• Therefore I sleep in class. Yes, my textbooks are my pillows, and my bed is my workplace.
• Therefore I have no social life. No girlfriend, no boyfriend, not even a cat.
• Therefore I know my friends phone numbers by heart. And we call each other only to verify answers. Or ask stupid questions about skipping lines for journal entries.
• Therefore my mother is a fish. (reference to As I Lay Dying.)
• Therefore my choice of communication is via words. See Ben type.
• Therefore I will hate stupid CaPiTaL letting. My eyes hurt already, don't make it worse or else I'll forcefeed you my extended essay.
• Therefore I am horny. Period.

And now, "You know you are in IB if..." have that math geek in your class on your autodial. see a triangle and immediately try to figure out the length of the sides. see a sentence and you have to analyze the diction. see a sentence and can analyze the diction. In 200 words or more. can bs. 12 pages. find yourself whining at the lack of a social life. find yourself asking questions about the homework more often than whining about it.
...your prayers to your choice of diety starts with, "Oh dear god please guide my pen in my english essay tomorrow."
...your choice of diety has something to do with homework. still think your mother is a fish.'re able to make these things up past midnight.
...your bedtime is usually at 2 AM. get up [or wake up] before you sleep so you can review the history notes. have started to develop SI methods to keep yourself awake. delight at the simplest things. can lift inhumane amounts of textbooks in one hand. can balance an inhumane amounts of textbooks on one hand. stroll around the school, thinking you are a god among the normal students. seek out teachers to chat with them. So you can get on their good sides. pick the most masochistic courses.

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