Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Damnit! Again!?

Keyboard/Trackpad died again.

Although it was slightly different this time: instead of it being completely gone, I experienced minute-long "off" periods.

Until I tried taking out the battery, poking at the wires leading from the trackpad. Now things are worse (doh!). It doesn't work at all, unless I press down really hard on the middle of the keyboard. Am thinking there's a 80% chance that it's something that keeps coming loose due to gentle bumping - after all, I didn't experience this until after coming to school, which probably means the biking and moving around from class to class has something to do with it.

(Somewhat) thankfully, my next exam isn't until two weeks from now, so I won't be absurdly stressed from the lack of a laptop. But I do have a pretty packed schedule this week (notably the participation in some sort of research study for hopefully $44 dollars - that'll cover my BudK purchase), and then maybe a data-entry job for low-brain-powered $8-11 dollars an hour? Also meeting with my educational adviser and.. need to work on the senior design project.

Blah. It'll be inconvenient, but doable. Now I just need to find the second tier support MacBook Pro specialist's extension...

Ah, and ECE440? I hate you too. These concepts just aren't coming together, which means most of the time, I'm trying formula plug-and-pray... :P And I can't fail this class again. That'll just look sad.
Tags: life, macbook pro, schoold

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