Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Wheee~ the entire movie is on Youtube! In 9 parts, unfortunately, but it's there.

As is the second movie... although that wasn't as good if my memory isn't lying to me. The first one brings back pleasant memories though (Oh, the end was so touching...), and there's something about it... that keeps pulling me back. (If anyone else remembers me having a mini-obsession over finding and watching it last year....)

Although now I want to find the soundtrack... fails me. It's out there. Used/New for $83 on Amazon, at least for the soundtrack to the first movie. (Ah, second movie's soundtrack is significantly cheaper at $16...)

Oh, I cry... Anyone wanna help? XD I haven't checked eDonkey/aMule networks yet, and I suppose if I downloaded the dvd copies of the movie, I could strip the soundtrack from that...
Tags: all dogs go to heaven

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