Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Wah~ (ACM Reflections|Projections)

Much socializing. Yay~ Daphu-senpai came back again. Yay for actually talking to some companies at a job fair and asking good questions. And handing out a few resumes. There was a Wii involved, my hair got pigtailed briefly and braided. I met an Emily (note to self, need to send pictures of her+Daphu), and a Young. And saw our marching band for the first time ever. (Yay band!)

PuzzleCrack was nice too - we took first on thursday and third on friday. As well as two other thirds earlier in the week.

Unknown stuff, then Apple Picking tomorrow, followed by frantic scram to do homework and study for CS438 (meep!). J-net barcrawl and movie night are both this week as well....which means effective working time = monday night, tuesday and thursday, before exams.

Sleep now. =.=
Tags: life

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