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Life, school, laptop, and a question...

Yay, life going... well, I guess. Almost my birthday again, ugh.

Finished exams. GEOG101 was... as good as could be expected, given that I pay very little attention to the lectures ('cause OMG, he doles out information at a snails pace...), CS461 felt like it went pretty well. ECE440.. could probably be from a 30-70, depending on whether I used the right formulas and remembered concepts correctly or not. Hate formulas. This is just like the physics exams here. Rawrgh.

Apple has sent me a new MacBook Pro. Am happy. Need to transfer files and ship back the one I'm currently using.

They also threw in Leopard. Sweet, no pirated copy for me! (so I'm getting 'paid' $100 for my troubles. Not... too bad, I suppose. Although I wish I knew why I kept running into problems).

To recap: Problems = Trackpad and keyboard start flaking out, then die completely. Power button works, but onboard (builtin) keyboard and mouse just DIE. Caps locks will refuse to light... and no amount of pounding does anything. The only way to get the trackpad to respond is to push down _hard_ on the center of the keyboard with my open palm. At a certain point, the trackpad will start to function again. But it does leave the keyboard rather useless.

It's almost as if something keeps burning out...? Or flexing/jolting out of place? It only started happening every 2-2.5 weeks after I came back to school - which suggest that it's the fact that the macbook pro is being moved around a lot (I bike to class with it in my messenger bag. It slides screen-joint into the bag, with the LCD on top. There is a padded section between the LCD and my books, but no padded area between the base of the laptop and me.

Oh, and as a result of winning puzzlecrack challenges from several weeks ago, I now have a nice Microsoft usb keyboard, a Microsoft webcam, and The Principles of Beautiful Web Design.

So... question:
Should I register my own domain?
Have offer of free business cards - and I would like to have business cards - but I have no website to call my own, and I'm not going to link people to my personal blog. Cost for domain: $7.99 at Hosting is even cheaper, although I have no content either. XP
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