Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Ok, Leopard is shiny.

So far, that appears to be all. I suspect Spaces and Time Machine might be useful later, but... eh. Here be list:
(+) Shiny.
(-) Let me delete my goddamn Documents folder. You're not using it. Trust me. I had to use root to do that. Grrrr, I like it better when my computer does what I want it to do.
(-) Yes, I know I downloaded that disk image. Yes, I intend to run the program. Don't bug me about it. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE VISTA.
(-) Yeah, ok, don't have control over the default folders in my home directory. Not happy about that. I mean, I could drag and drop stuff into them. Argh, yeah. It's nice to protect stupid users from themselves, but I really don't see a reason why those folders have to be locked down like this. Am I missing something somewhere?*
(++) OMG, they got variable grid spacing back in the Finder! Oh, how I've missed you~
(-) Damnit, the nice eyecandy popup listing for folders in the dock is one-level down only. Uhm, to rephrase that, I can't explore folders inside that folder. Which is slightly annoying. And it takes up much more desktop space.
(-) Safari's RSS reader doesn't highlight in orange anymore... why, Apple, why? Now it's harder to skim, 'cause the highlighted-blue-entry-background blends in with stuff...
(-) Finder: If I hide all of the "Search for" options for the Sidebar, hide the stupid "Search for" dropdown menu. Don't take up my personal space.

*Ah, so that's the bit - there's a "+" at the end of the usual "drwxr-xr-x". I wonder how I can toggle that on or off... Any attempt to modify/delete one of these files or folders nets you a "xyz" can't be modified or deleted because it is required by Mac OS X error.

[edit 2] Hrum, appears to be some sort of unix ACL (Access control list) thing.

Ah, yes, a "ls -le" shows the ACLs. There we go. Using "chmod -N *" in your home folder will trash the ACLs for all the folders and files in your home folder. Note: I bear no responsibility for any broken systems.
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