Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Leopard: Terminal

Da wha...?

Apple's Terminal in Leopard has... downgraded. It's lost the split-screen ability. And to change to a color I like, I have to first go into preferences, create a new "style" (wtf..), then switch over to said style. Can't change things on the fly. Why can't I change things on the fly, then save it as a new style if I like it?

Hmmm, transparency seems to be gone too, even though I never used that. Although it was kinda cool.

It does have tabs now (yay...?) but I don't use tabs for things that may generate content... so no tabs in my IM client, and I'll never use tabs in Terminal. May be useful for others though...
Tags: apple, terminal

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