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Apple: Time Machine

Well, it looks like it's running along nicely.

Told it to exclude my bittorrent downloads, /Library/Application Support/adobe, all of my applications, GarageBand, apple audio loops, the developer folder... and my manual user folder backup disk image. Because all of those, with the exception of the BT downloads, can be reinstalled.

Currently backing up 40 GB of data.
That's probably 5-6 GB of pictures, 2+ GB of personal files, ~1 GB of archived mail over the years, assorted code for various things, projects, notes, and whatever else Time Machine backs up. (my entire hard drive, minus the excluded things above...?)

Thanksgiving break is right in front of me.

I need to take the GREs sometime after that.

I need to visit freewebs to say hi, and thank you for giving me money.

I have pretty much one semester left of education before the real world.

Hm. Hello world.
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